• Commercial Flight. With a Private Luxury Experience.

    Signature ELITE Class. Now you can enjoy a leisurely, private aviation experience when embarking on a commercial flight. Signature Flight Support’s exclusive service delivers VIP treatment, bypassing the queues, hassle and rush of the main airport terminal. Check into your departing flight from a calm, comfortable Signature lounge. Take advantage of dedicated security and customs screening – all completed within the privacy and comfort of our facility. Relax with time-appropriate catering and amenity options throughout the day, including soft drinks, gourmet tea and coffee as well as adult refreshments. Then enjoy a chauffeured drive directly to or from your aircraft. Plus, you’ll never touch your luggage – we handle it all for you.

  • A Commercial Flight Without Queues or Cumbersome Baggage

    The only difference between a Signature ELITE Class commercial flight and a trip on a private aircraft is the flight itself. You never touch your bags. You will never stand in a queue. Instead, relax in our luxurious lounge before riding in comfort to board your flight. We’ll take care of everything for you. Down to the last detail. Get on board with Signature ELITE Class.

  • Step Into a Whole New Way to Fly The Airlines

    On your commercial flight’s arrival, step straight from your aircraft into a chauffeured vehicle whisking you back to our well-appointed Signature executive terminal. Avoid passport queues and public exposure with private, dedicated customs and immigration clearance. While we collect your luggage on your behalf, take a few moments to relax, enjoy refreshments and catch up before transitioning to the next phase of your journey.

  • Luxury Airline Passenger Services at London-Gatwick

    The Signature ELITE Class luxury experience delivers rapid, attentive and private service when you fly to and from London-Gatwick Airport via any commercial airline. Bypass the main terminal in favour of our luxurious facility, while our staff ensures a smooth transition to speed you on your way. Gatwick is situated just 25 miles south of London, giving you easy access to business or pleasure destinations in southern England.

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    Commercial Flight Departure

    The welcoming staff at our VIP terminal – accessible by car or a short walk from Gatwick's train station – completes your airline ticketing process and checks your luggage. Relax in one of several quiet customer lounges, take advantage of a private security screening, then enjoy transportation in a chauffeured luxury vehicle directly to your aircraft.

    Commercial Flight Arrival

    Step off your commercial flight to a warm greeting by a Signature staff member and a chauffeured drive directly to the Signature London-Gatwick terminal. Relax in comfort in one of our lounges as dedicated customs and immigration personnel accommodate your entry into the United Kingdom, and whilst we collect your luggage from the aircraft and transition it to your next mode of transport.

    There’s no better way to travel through the London-Gatwick Airport.

    Signature London-Gatwick Amenities

    • Dedicated 24-hour Customs and Immigration clearance
    • Gourmet coffee and tea
    • Wine, beer and spirits
    • Food available during departure
    • Scheduled airline passenger transfer facilities
    • Main airport restaurants and shops within walking distance
    • Non-stop express train to and from central London (30-minute travel time)
  • VIP Services on Barbados and Grenada

    Discerning passengers travelling via select commercial airlines to Barbados or Grenada from London-Gatwick may make arrangements for VIP services from IAM Jet Centres at either location. IAM Jet Centre guests enjoy a private jet experience comparable to our Signature ELITE Class. Amenities include luxurious lounges and meeting spaces as well as private, in-house immigration, customs and security screening.

    The Barbados facility provides these special services exclusively to departing British Airways passengers. For those arriving in Barbados, the Trident Suite is available to passengers traveling on other carriers with prior arrangement. The Grenada jet centre extends elegant St. George’s Suite service to guests traveling on British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines and other leading airlines.

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